Almon Gunter

Olympic Athlete and Motivatonal Speaker


CORE Almon Gunter 1

Professional Honors

  • World Class Sprinter formerly rated 13th in the World
  • Highly Acclaimed Trainer
  • Author
  • Founder CORE Character Development Program


Presentations and Publications 





Almon Gunter is the CEO and President of Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc.  He is a highly acclaimed motivational, inspirational public speaker, author and consultant as well as a former world-class spinter in track.  Almon is the author of three books:  Focus on the Final Seconds and Win the Game of Life, is a how-to book on achieving both mental and physical fitness success in life, Focus To Win which analyzes personal traits needed to build a strong foundation for success and The Essence of Teamwork a book outlining the 8 principles of a winning team.

As a world-class sprinter in track Almon completed internationally in over 15 countries.  At the height of his running career Almon ran the 13th fastest time in the world for 200 meters.  He uses these experiences and success on the track to help others reach their maximum velocity performance in the game of life.

Almon's background in training and development, senior management and athletics provides a unique perspective on life.  It is his desire for all individuals to possess the drive, dedication and determination to succeed in achieving their goals.  His formula for success involves die-hard dedication, never-ending enthusiasm, hard work, heart and hustle, with the end result of becoming a MVP in the Game of Life.

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