End Bullying by empowering Kids

Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Social Skills

Life today certianly isn't easier on kids then it was in the past.  There is a constant flood of media directed at kids that tell them who they are, what to like, who to hang around and what to strive to become.  Unfortunately these ideas are not often positive ones.  Parents can't be everywhere at all times for their kids and so there is a desperate need to find a way to install strong beliefs and systems in kids today so they choose the best paths that we all want for them.

Flavio Almeida

3rd Degree Black Belt Gracie Jiu Jitsu

"Professor Larry Shealy is a man embodied with a remarkable passion for BJJ and his students.  Anyone coming to GB Jacksonville will notice the high level of respect and admiration all students and staff have for him.  I heard once that the value of one's life should be measured by hom many people use one's life to evaluate the value of theirs.  If that is true Larry Shealy shouyld be happy with all he has accomplished as a BJJ instructor.  He has lots of admirers of his work, including myself.  Thanks to your services for the growth and expansion of our art and family!"



We live in an ever growing violent world and too many times this violence is focused at our most vulnerable citizens, our kids.  The bullying epidemic has hit historic levels and is more destructive than ever with bullys showing up in school, out of school and even online.  What used to be passages of youth have now turned into crime scenes as bullys have learned from our violent culture even more devasting tactics than before.  Kid-Jitsu is a product of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu whish has become world famous for its ability to quickly, efficiently and safely teach children how to resist a bully and stand confident in any self defense situation.


Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Stability

In our "fast food" culture with hits high calorie foods and lack of youth inspiring athletics our children have reached an obesity level that is past critical mass.  Most kids do not want to work out and this makes the entire batle quite a struggle.  Jiu jitsu can often solve these issues by providing a fun, social and effective way for kids to get in shape, learn and embrace a healthy lifestyle while learning self defense too!  The funny thing is that usually kids don't even know that it is happening becasue they are having so much fun in the process.


***Please note that Kid-Jitsu(R)  University is in no way affiliated with the Gracie Academy, Gracie Barra, Alliance or any other organizations other than Rigan Machado Jiu-Jitsu and Jacksonville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  We do however, have great respect and admiration for the work these guys are all doing in Jiu-Jitsu for Children.  The videos you see on this site were found in the public domain on the internet, and expressed, in many ways the attitude and philosophies that we too have toward teaching kids the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, self defense, and how to handle bullying situations.