Kid-Jitsu Testimonials





There are 3 main ways that we setup our Affiliates for success:

1.  A step-by-step BLUEPRINT for teaching the curriculum!

There are many associations and ways to get involved with BJJ, however, sadly many of them have NO WRITTEN CURRICULUM!  What this means is you will have no idea of how your progressing, when you should progress and what to expect on the journey.  This also means that there will be a big lack of consistency.  How can anything be consistent and improved if there is zero way to measure it?  With Kid-Jitsu both the instructor and the kids will know EXACTLY where they are and what to do next.  This builds credibility, confidence and drive to reach the ultimate goal.  This also is HUGE when it comes to STUDENT RETENTION.

Our dedication to QUALITY ASSURANCE rests on the foundation of a well-written curriculum.  We know that at any of our schools lesson #36 is the exact same, taught in the exact same manner.  We also know that a student at the Yellow-Black Belt knows the exact same material as each and every Kid-Jitsu Affiliate school.


2.  A truly SAFE and SELF DEFENSE based system

The focus on safety is second to none in the Kid-Jitsu program.  We have put together and embedded into the system countless safe guards with an acute understanding of HOW KIDS LEARN AND TRAIN.  Kids are different and training should be as well.  The curriculum may be the very same since the techniques are SELF DEFENSE BASED but the way they should be taught needs the greatest of consideration.

The last thing you want is to get a room full of kids rolling around horse-playing with each other.  No mother or father wants their kids training in an unsafe and disorganized environment.  With Kid-Jitsu this will never be a concern.  The way we setup the training, and how we teach you to teach it, ensures safety and focus with each child.

The other element is that this is truly SELF DEFENSE BASED and NOT SPORT BJJ.  Sure you can use this to go to sporting competitions one day, but the first thing is to learn sound self defense principles for the ground.  This is the heart of Gracie Jiu Jitsu!  Kid-Jitsu is infused with this belief and what that means is that it is VERY EASY TO ADD TO ANY SYSTEM.

When you train BJJ for sport and your goal is to have kids winning at tournaments, then your focus has to become how much more do you train then the next sport BJJ school that you might face in competition.  When you train BJJ for SELF DEFENSE then you can add the principles as you go and integrate them with whatever you might be teaching already!  Plenty of other programs say they are for self defense as well, but a critical question to ask would be do they train with sparring gear and punches?  Kid-Jitsu has it all when it comes to SELF DEFENSE BJJ!


3.  We actually TEACH the TEACHER how to TEACH the classes.  

Learning KID-JITSU is NOT teaching you how to teach a full fledged adult BJJ program, and it certainly isn't teaching you how to setup an Adult BJJ program!  If we only had a $1 for every time we have seen a diligent hard working instructor take the time to find a BJJ class, persist through the years of training only to get to a level where they felt comfortable to teach BJJ and then not have any clue how to setup the program and actually do it.

We are all professional instructors as school owners and as such we need professional systems in place to help us get the most out of our time, help the students get the most out of their training and help our businesses grow.  It is hard to grow a business when you spend half your time teaching and the other half trying to figure out how to do it better while keeping up with the evolving trends each year! 


Learning BJJ is NOT teaching you how to teach BJJ and it certianly isn't teaching you how to setup a BJJ program! 





duke roufus muay thai bjj kidjitsu testimonialLegendary Trainer Duke Roufus 

"We are kicking butt and taking names with Kidjitsu in our kids program...  The curriculum has not only helped me be a better teacher of jiu jitsu for kids its also made me a better teacher and better at training.  It's a great program and I definitely tell you to get out there and get on Kid-Jitsu it will help grow your school."







AlanBelcher2UFC FIGHTER Alan Belcher 

"The Kid-Jitsu program is what we needed to take our school to the next level.  The kids love it and the parents love the structure and safety.  This program will grow your school and will retain the students you already have.  I feel confident that my staff is trained to run the Kid-Jitsu Program like a machine."




Kid-Jitsu was designed to allow you to start teaching Kids BJJ from Day 1!





Jason Frank Green RangerJason D. Frank, 6th degree Black Belt and former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 

"I just wanted to provide this feedback on the Kid-Jitsu Program that I attended.  All I can say is WOW!  This certification program was one of the BEST, and I mean BEST, that I have ever taken.  I was thoroughly impressed that safety was the #1 priority in this class and how the instructors require us to instruct our students with safety as our #1 goal.  

I have NEVER taken any ground or BJJ instruction before, and what Larry showed me was GREAT!  I could not give higher recommendation for this INCREDIBLE program.  My schools will benefit greatly from what I gained in this program."





Colton SmithUltimate Fighter CHAMPION Colton Smith 

"A good friend of mine Professor Larry Shealy, a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and one of the best instructors I know, developed an awesome program.  Its a train-the-trainer program a teach-the-teacher program... With Kid-Jitsu University you get online and learn the moves, learn them right from a great instructor...we are talking about 3-4 years worth of instruction with the belt system as well!"








" the time I had 10-11 students interested in BJJ.  Now I have 100 BJJ students!"




 "I have been in BJJ for 20 years and have been looking for a way to integrate BJJ into Traditional Martial Arts Schools.  Most BJJ schools have NO curriculum.  Kids and Adults are taught the same method and there is NO consistency between instructors...I am now using the Kid-Jitsu program to integrate BJJ into several schools and just one is a Karate school with 80 kids now learning BJJ!"